Acquisition and consignment services are my specialty.

Instead of retailing a vehicle to you, I work as a consultant, and am paid a flat fee.  You pay the same price for the vehicle that I, as a dealer, would pay, plus any direct expenses such as transportation, sales tax, title and registration costs, etc. There are no surprises, no hidden documentation fees. My fee is agreed upon up front, and all other expenses are explained at the outset.

I can accommodate registrations in all fifty states, and facilitate safety inspections in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Sales tax is paid on the amount of the transaction price, not on the book value — on which states most often base their sales tax. The vehicle you purchase will be delivered to you READY TO DRIVE. 

Additionally, if you have a vehicle you would like to trade or consign, we will set up a time to evaluate the car, establish pricing, and discuss the best way for you to realize as much of its value as possible.

As a lifelong fine automobile enthusiast, I absolutely love helping collectors find the gem that will either launch or enhance their collection. And as one who is happiest behind the wheel, I always enjoy connecting the right car with the right driver.

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